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looks like a screen - works like a force field

Meshtec is a technically superior, stainless steel screen with properties and performance unlike any other.

Exclusive Technology

High Tensile Strength Stainless Steel Screen

The patent protected Meshtec Advanced Screen System employs state of the art technology to deliver products that are easy to see through and almost impossible to get through. 

Laboratory Tested

To the highest standards

Meshtec screen has been subjected to a complete battery of laboratory tests, verifying significantly superior performance across the board.

Test Results

Tensile Strength ReportTensile Strength

Resists more than 130,000 PSI of stress – Click to view report

  • Number of Tests – 76
  • Tests Passed – 100%

Shear Test ReportShear Tests

 Resisted being cut or penetrated by a sharp object – Click to view report

  • Maximum Depth of Blade Penetration – 5.4mm
  • Tests Passed- 100%


rocks, flying debris and other projectiles

Number of Tests

  • Tests Passed 100% 100% 100%


Impact Test Report

Click to view report


Passes static and cyclic load and missile impact tests

Number of Tests

  • Tests Passed 100% 100% 100%


Impact Test Report

Click to view report

Salt Spray

Withstood 3,000 hour exposure

Hours of exposure

  • Visible Corrosion – 0% 0% 0%

Impact Test Report

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Reduces UV transmission
over 60%

Number of Tests

  • Lowest UV reduction – 61.1% 61% 61%


Impact Test Report

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Diverse Applications

Multiple Paths to Profit

Advanced Screen Systems leverages the uncompromising benefits of Meshtec screen to create breakthrough product solutions for a wide range of applications.

One Screen Does it All

No Trade Offs, No Compromises

Advanced Screen Systems product solutions featuring Meshtec don’t force users to trade one benefit to get another, driving strong category traffic and trade up.

Impact Resistant

Cut Resistant

Jimmy Resistant

Proven Market

Real World Results

Innovative product solutions featuring Meshtec are well established overseas and the US aftermarket is exploding. See how those products change value equations by surpassing international performance standards to deliver real world consumer benefits.