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We provide the highest performing screen systems available, creating breakthrough consumer products that alter category dynamics and drive incremental profit for our customers.

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looks like a screen - works like a force field

Meshtec is a super strong steel mesh with properties unlike any screen you have seen through before.

Exclusive Technology

Steel Mesh Security Screen

The patent protected Meshtec Advanced Screen System employs state of the art technology to deliver products that are easy to see through and almost impossible to get through.  Learn more about the exclusive technology behind this system.

See It in Action

From the laboratory to the studio to the real world, against threats large, small and extraordinary, Meshtec passes the test, time and time again.

2×2 Wooden Plank

Flying Debris


We hope you never have flying debris hitting your home but, if you do, Meshtec can handle it.

Air Cannon and Golf Balls!

Flying Debris


We hope you never have flying debris hitting your home but, if you do, Meshtec can handle it.

Hatchet Attack

Airborne Menaces


Live near a golf course? Meshtec has you covered. And, let’s face it, what’s not to like about shooting things from an air cannon?

When Pets Attack

Cutting Tools


Heavy blade? Strong attacker? It just doesn’t matter. Meshtec has the chops.

Football Player


Jaws And Claws

Pets are notoriously hard on doors. With Meshtec in the house, your furry family members have one less way to get in trouble.

Air Cannon and Baseballs



Ever had a friend walk right through your screen door, pushing the mesh out? With Meshtec, that problem has been tackled.

One Screen Does it All

No Trade Offs, No Compromises

Advanced Screen Systems product solutions featuring Meshtec don’t force consumers to trade one benefit to get another, driving strong category traffic and trade up.

Impact Resistant

Cut Resistant

Jimmy Resistant

Proven Market

Real World Results

Innovative product solutions featuring Meshtec are well established overseas and the US aftermarket is exploding. See how those products change value equations by surpassing international performance standards to deliver real world consumer benefits.

Diverse Applictions

Multiple Paths to Profit

Advanced Screen Systems leverages market tested screen system expertise and a global product portfolio to deliver breakthrough product solutions for OEM or aftermarket penetration of US residential and commercial markets