Seeing Is Believing

Lab test performance translates to real world resistance to a wide variety of threats from the everyday to the unconventional.

Air Cannon and Golf Balls!

Airborne Menaces


Live near a golf course? Meshtec has you covered. And, let’s face it, what’s not to like about shooting things from an air cannon?

Hatchet Attack

Cutting Tools


Heavy blade? Strong attacker? It just doesn’t matter. Meshtec has the chops.

When Pets Attack


Jaws And Claws

Pets are notoriously hard on doors. With Meshtec in the house, your furry family members have one less way to get in trouble.

Football Player



Ever had a friend walk right through your screen door, pushing the mesh out? With Meshtec, that problem has been tackled.

Air Cannon and Baseballs


Fast Ball!

At nearly 90 miles an hour, a fast ball can do some damage. With Meshtec, you are choking up and putting the ball in play.

Stay tuned,

More to come…